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Revamp in Jute Industry

November 3, 2016

Jute Industry contributing in the Economy?

Well this answer can be given by our ministers more appropriately. We a maker of Jute finished products highlights some of the problems which is preventing the industry to contribute.

Jute has always lagged behind in the packaging particularly in Export. For instance tonnes of Sugar are exported from our country where packaging is still carried with plastic bags. A very legible amount of demand is brought up by the sugar, rice, and the flour mills which do not reflect a good future in the sector. The sugar industry cannot be blamed as they themselves are going through a Rough patch since the last three or four years. Bangladesh import has to be minimized but very difficult to be done because of the shortage of land availability for the golden crop production in this part of the country.

The Crop has done exceptionally good this year, thanks to the consistent and widespread rainfall all over Bengal last monsoon, so we at Roma International think that this Sector could expect a boost with a significant amount of Export packaging particularly in the Agricultural commodities.

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