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November 3, 2016

How does Jute use Technology?

We at Roma realise the power of technology to promote the importance of creating strong market linkage by upgrading marketing infrastructure and value addition of raw jute .Company engages in different trade programmes inside and outside India to explore new and innovative use of jute, with the idea of enabling both the organised as well as the decentralised sector to compete and increase the Global share of Indian Jute goods Consumption. Dissemination of new technologies, machinery assistance and human resource through training and design inputs are the major concern of the company apart from show casting Indian jute in global arena. In order to increase the marketing of Indian jute products overseas the company emphasize on development of organic jute – as a superior and eco friendly material enhancing the productivity of raw jute.

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Roma International has established itself as a responsible business company. Manufacturing in any part of the world is a critical activity – if not undertaken in a balanced and ethical manner, it

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