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A glance into the current scenario of the Indian jute industry

March 10, 2015

The Indian textile industry is definitely looking towards an upturn in the global demand of Indian textile. The jute industry in particular is gaining significamce because of the increasing demand of jute bags globally. It will be a great business opportunity for anyone thinking about investing in the textile sector. A jute bag manufacturer can earn not only by marketing one’s own products but also by exporting the products to various global business firms.
The Indian textile market in global scale :-
India is one of the largest exporters in the world textile market. According to international figures and statistics Indian exporters contributes to 7 percent of the total international textile market. While India still ranks behind China, with the current growth structure it is estimated India will soon overtake China to become the global market leaders in textile. Indian textiles also happen to be one of the highly demanded textiles globally. The finished goods exporters from India, such as the jute bags exporters from India are making the most of this demand and the Indian textile market is seeing a profitable future after some gloomy times.
The rise of jute bags :-
The current market scenario is perfect for anyone who has been thinking about investing in the textile industry. Internationally as well as at the national level jute bags are becoming ever more popular due to the fact that these are not only a greener option as compared to the plastic bags but are also highly durable and can be really versatile. The jute bags exporters from India have even brought in some fashionable twists to the mediocre bags. The jute bags are coming in various shapes and sizes and in different colours as well. There are many bags with interesting prints which has attracted the attention of the teenagers and the young adults as well.
Jute bags as green marketing tool :-
Jute bags have captured the interest of the marketing and branding experts as well. These bags are light weight, easy to carry and serve a number of purposes. This makes it an easy accessory for the shoppers, picnic goers, tourists, professionals and even teenagers. A properly styled jute bag with the company logo and a catchy tagline can actually accomplish the task of making the brand visible to a large audience at an extremely low rate. Many international businesses are getting jute bags from jute bags exporters from India at affordable rates. As a jute bag manufacturer one can easily install a jute bag printer machine and gain even more by providing complete finished goods to these business organizations to be used for branding purpose.

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