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Roma International
Jute is one of the major cash crops grown extensively and exclusively in the fertile Indo Gangetic plains of India and Bangladesh. It provides a livelihood to a huge population of farmers and industry workers in this part of the world. The jute sector in India engages a key role in the Indian economy, providing direct employment to about 0.26 million workers, and supporting the lives of around 4.0 million farm families. Around 0.14 million people are believed to be engaged in the tertiary sector, that supports the jute industry.


The harvested jute is thrashed in water and the jute fibre is extracted and wound into bales. The bales are sold to the factories where they are dried and combed to separate the slivers. The slivers are then made into yarns and then twisted into the jute threads which is then spooled and stowed. The jute fabric is woven in German made Sulzer looms which have a lino salvage at both ends to ensure a stronger and tighter weave. The natural fabrics are then checked and stored for dispatch or dyeing as the order may be.

The jute bags made out these eco friendly products are not only very trendy and elegant, but also a statement of your concern for the environment. The jute bags if buried will completely decompose into the soil within a few months hence is completely bio degradable. The promotional bags made out of jute are your eco friendly “Walking Billboards”. The gift packaging made out of jute project the extra care that you have taken in the selection of the packaging which is not only environment safe but is also reusable a number of times. A regular jute bag can carry about 15 kgs of weight and can be used multiple times without losing its shape or fraying.

We use only AZO free dyes as per Euro standards. Jute is completely food grade material. In fact in its raw form Jute is consumed as a vegetable. We welcome you to a Greener and Cleaner World and sincerely value your support and patronage.
Our past participation in international fair
Spring Fair International Birmingham , UK, (National Exhibition Centre) (Dated : 7th February - 11th February 2010) , Hall No : 9 , Stall No : B2015, website:
Our upcoming participation in international fair
International Autumn Fair 2012
From 2/09/12 to 5/09/2012
Venue : NEC Birmingham-UK,HALL-5J , STAND NO-87